Photography by  Titanium Photographic

Photography by Titanium Photographic

Question: Is PMU safe? 

Answer: As with anything that involves a major decision such as altering your appearance, it is important to do your research to ensure that your artist has proper sanitization procedures in place and is taking appropriate precautions to ensure that there is no cross contamination and are properly disinfecting the space and tools used in between clients. The main danger associated with permanent make up (or any tattoo for that matter) is infection, which is easily prevented by following your PMU artist's aftercare instructions. Rarely will there be an allergic reaction, and Keloid scar formation is very rare and tends to lean toward specific skin types, which a well trained PMU artist will be able to recongize and evaluate that risk and discuss it with you prior to any service being done. Most artists will not attempt PMU if they feel that you are not a good candidate. At the end of the day, our clients are our walking advertisement, so not only do we want you to be happy, but we also want you to look great! 
You do need to inform your physician prior to having an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) procedure that you have a tattoo so that they are able to take the appropriate steps during the procedure.


Question:  Is the pigment safe?

Answer: Yes, if you would like to research the pigment that you will have for your procedure, your PMU artist should be comfortable sharing the brand of pigments they will be using. The pigment choice is based on your skin tone and color and you will have that discussion with your PMU artist prior to any pigment being applied to your skin.


Question: What does PMU cost?

Answer: The cost of a permanent makeup procedure in Saskatoon varies between PMU artists and can range anywhere from $250-$1000. Check out our Facebook and Instagram to see us explaining exactly what you are paying for to have a PMU procedure done!

Question: What is Permanent makeup?

Answer: PMU for short really is a type of tattoo. The process is also referred to as dermapigmentation, micro pigmentation, and cosmetic tattooing.


Question: What kind of PMU options are there?

Answer: Most common types of PMU are eyebrow enhancement, eyeliner, lash line enhancement and lip color. There are many different styles that can achieve different looks based on personal taste as well as what suits each individual person and the look we are trying to achieve. PMU can also be used to improve the appearance of skin around the nipple area after breast surgery.


Question: Why would someone want PMU?

Answer: Popular reasons for having a permanent makeup procedure include faded and/or thinning brows, over-tweezing, disease such as alopecia or trichotillomania, and hair loss from chemotherapy. We can also improve brow asymetry and disguise skin imperfections. Also, many have it done just for convenience – imagine, never having to pencil or shade your eyebrows in, and no need to put on eyeliner or lipstick again!


Question: Who gets PMU?

Answer: Women who have trouble applying makeup, such as those who are near-sighted or don’t have steady hands. Women on the go, or athletes, women who are allergic to make up and women who just want the convenience of not needing to apply it every day. Many men are now have PMU procedures  as well, generally in a subdued style that looks very natural.

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